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How to find brands and codes on Aliexpress – Hidden offer

Everybody on this planet knows, that you can find almost everything on Aliexpress. But have you ever tried to look for AliExpress “brand goods”?  We know, that it was quite hard to find anything. That’s why we prepared this article and list in which you can easily search Brand such as Nike, Adidas, Lacoste, Calvin Klein, Gucci, Armani, DESIGUAL, Tommy Hilfiger, Kenzo, Balenciaga, Moncler, Moschino and many others.

When selecting your favorite goods be careful, because as you know, on AliExpress you can find also fakes. In some cases you are not able to recognize the difference between fake and original.

Because of anti-piracy laws on AliExpress, sellers can not and do not use the original brand names, but only their shortcuts, initials or keywords. Therefore, it is sometimes really hard to find the right shortcut for branded goods. Once AliExpress find that e.g. “popular Nike Air Max”, are not original once, AliExpress block  website product link and you can see it appears as broken link. Suppliers are using special tricks to keep link active longer time and sell as much as possible. Trick is to use various shortcuts as cover. And just by the abbreviations you will find your favorite brand.

Here are examples:

Abercrombie AF / Abercr Ombie / Fitch
Adidas Adidas / Adey / Adi / Adidos / Shampooers
Aeropostale Aero
Alpinestars A stars / Alpine Stars
American AE Brand / AE
Arai Cascos Arai
Armani Armaniingly / AR / AR watch / AJ, Arma
Asics Asics / Asks
Balenciaga Enciaga / Veneva
Belstaff Gangster jacket / Tom Cruise Jacket / BSF
Bershka BSK
Billabong Billabong
Bimba & Lola Bimba
Burberry Burbry / Bur / Berry bur / british style
Bvlgari BVG / BV
Calvin Klein Caven Cloie / Caini Kaier / Calven Kein
Camel Camete / Camel
Carolina Herrera CHHC
Cartier luxury watch

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