Nail LED UV Lamp 36W

AAAAA 2 - Nail LED UV Lamp 36W

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Nail Dryer For Nail LED UV Lamp 36W For All Gels 12 Leds
UV Lamp for Nail Machine Curing 30s/60s/99s Timer USB Connector Varnish

Przycisk AliExpress 2 - Nail LED UV Lamp 36W

Product Specification

  1. Drying All Nail Gels: Quickly dry UV Gel / Extension Gel / LED Gel.
  2. High Power: Drying fast, only take 10-30s to dry the gel.
  3. Low Heat Mode: Reduce heat and give you a comfortable drying experience.
  4. Big LCD Screen: easy to view the time of drying .
  5. Infrared Sensing: intelligent sensing, can be controlled without pressing buttons.
  6. Over-temperature Protection: intelligently control the temperature to avoid the pain during drying.
  7. Easy to Open: can be used for hands or feet.
  8. Multiple Timing Modes: 10s/30s/60s/99s Low Heat Mode

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